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Adding beauty, value and energy efficiency to your home has never been so easy!  Haas Door offers a full line of energy efficient garage doors that are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, windows and other options.

Discover the possibilities for your home with a new C.H.I. garage door. Whether you prefer the traditional or are more contemporary, they have got you covered. Look through our entire line of residential garage doors to find the one you want to take home.

Residential Door Measuring Guide

Step #1 Measure door opening width and height in feet and inches. This determines the size of door needed. On new construction, the finished opening should be the 1” narrower than the door width. (Example: If you want a 9’ wide by 7’ high door, the finished opening should be 8’ 11” wide by 7’ high.)


Step #2 Measure for side room: 3-3/4" is required on each side for installation of the vertical track for standard extension and torsion springs.


Step #3 Measure area labeled “headroom” – distance between the top of the door opening (“jamb header”) and the ceiling (or floor joist). 10” is required for standard extension springs and 12" is required for standard torsion springs. If you have restricted headroom, special hardware is available. Additional headroom is required for installation of an automatic garage door opener. NOTE: If door height extends above the opening, the headroom measurement should be adjusted proportionately.


Step #4 Measure area labeled “backroom” – distance is measured from the garage door opening toward the back wall of the garage. Door height plus 18" is required. Additional back room may be required for installation of an automatic garage door opener.

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